Services Geared Towards Building Profitability

Ed Mehlman and Associates specializes in providing industry leading financial services that are designed to deal with the complexities and sophistication found within all Fortune 1000 environments. Our core business principal is to only offer products that provide high value results.

Recovery Auditing

Delivering long-term value and recoveries through proven audit methodologies and data analytics.

Accounts Payable

An analytical and historical approach.

Expense Payable

A spend and variance approach.


A cost and freight movement approach.

Operational & Compliance

A client driven approach.

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Accounting & Special Project Support

Accounting & Special Project Support

Leveraging skilled accounting and subject matter experts to accomplish projects effectively and correctly for clients that are limited in available IT and accounting resources.

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Process Recommendation & Consulting

Process Recommendation & Consulting

Providing transformation solutions that improve efficiencies and effectiveness of client-managed processes through our business experts and consulting staff.

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Built Upon a Tradition of Value and Performance

Ed Mehlman and Associates has been providing 100% customized wealth reclamation and expert financial services for our clients since 1984. With unrivaled skill we continue to apply an ever-growing toolkit of proprietary technologies and 31 years of process refinement to each project and engagement we undertake.

Unrivaled Expertise

30+ Distinct Processes

Distinct Processes

550+ Major Audits

Major Audits

200+ Claim Sets & Types

Claim Sets & Types

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Creating successful partnerships is a function of collaborating to solve the complexities of modern post audit initiatives.

Prevent Profit Leakage with Intelligently-Driven Technology

<9% Cancellation on processed claims

>90% of our audits recover more than 1/10 of 1% of gross revenue

93% client retention rate